Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Guy Farmer

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews

I am honoured and privileged that the following writers local, national and international have agreed to be interviewed by me. I gave the writers two options: an emailed list of questions or a more fluid interview via messenger.

The usual ground is covered about motivation, daily routines and work ethic, but some surprises too. Some of these poets you may know, others may be new to you. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

guy farmer

Guy Farmer

writes evocative, minimalist, modern poetry about the human condition. Visit him online at Unconventional Being, https://www.unconventionalbeing.com/.

Unconventional Being: Poems by Guy Farmer

Available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Unconventional-Being-Poems-Guy-Farmer/dp/1722369477.

The Interview

  1. When and why did you begin to write poetry?

I studied poetry in college, but it was over ten years later when my mother was terminally ill that I started writing poetry seriously. I wrote some poems for her, expressing how I felt, and it planted the seed that led to immersing myself in writing.

  1. Who introduced you to poetry?

A good friend of my family who was an English teacher would recite poems and it always stirred something inside me. I also had professors in college who kindled my interest.

  1. How aware were and are you of the dominating presence of older poets?

I think poets from different periods and styles influence my writing. I use their legacy to inform my writing rather than dictate it.

  1. What is your daily writing routine?

I take the time to acknowledge and connect with whatever is swirling inside me and write about that.

  1. What motivates you to write?

I love sharing who I am with the universe.

  1. What is your work ethic?

I write daily and fill my day with poetry-related tasks that help me get the word out about my writing.

  1. How do the writers you read when you were young influence you today?

I’ve been particularly influenced by Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, E.E. Cummings, Langford Hughes, Walt Whitman, and many others. I take bits of each of their styles and amalgamate them into mine.

  1. Who of today’s writers do you admire the most and why?

I admire many. I just finished reading We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo. I appreciate her ability to deal with even the most difficult topics with clarity, honesty, grace, and wisdom. I love work that is deeply introspective and also grapples with the human condition at many levels.

  1. Why do you write?

I write poetry because it’s who I am and what I do.

  1. What would you say to someone who asked you “How do you become a writer?”

Sit down and write about what you love and let people know you do it.

  1. Tell me about the writing projects you have on at the moment.

I’m working on a book of social justice poems and I also share my work on my website, Unconventional Being, www.unconventionalbeing.com.


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