only three points of light in a sky of stars

killed by a scorpion’s sting
 or his lover’s spear
 chases a bear
 his asterism belt is
 made of stories
 told by folk they pass over
 perhaps they are
 the three fates
 past, present, future

 three bright stars
 light of their past
 in our present
 Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka

 the Girdle, the Line,
 the Golden Grains or Nuts
 the Accurate Scale Beam
 The Weighing Beam
 the Three Stars mansion
 one of the western mansions of the White Tiger
 Frigg’s Distaff
 Jacob’s Staff
 Peter’s Staff
 the Three Magi
 the Three Kings.
 Väinämöinen’s Scythe
 Kalevan Sword
 hunter , a mule deer, pronghorn
 bighorn sheep shot
 by the hunter,
 its blood drips onto an island
 The Three Marys

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