The Beloved

 in the past
 used a stick with a weight on it
 to weave the coloured clouds and clear skies of your life.
 She played with your roving,
 noticing as she pulled it that it got thinner.

 She made you think you controlled
 the weight of your spin around
 your centre as you twisted your
 roving world and yourself as a weaver.

 Only she controlled the colour
 of your clouds
 and the rate of spin.

 Today after an upgrade her rapier picks up one part of your
 life as from the centre, between two banks of kaleidoscopic clouds,
 carries it across one weaving area;
 as it finishes laying that pick, the opposite end of her other rapier
 picks up another part of your life
 from the centre,
 and her rapier moves in the other direction to lay a pick for the second weaving area, on the other half of the machine.

 She is your life coach.
 Controls the assorted colour matched thread of your life.
 Its clouds and clear skies.

 And as you stop
 and look at the weather
 in the sky you can see
 her weaving other lives.

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