The Baptism

Don’t believe in God, like what some do.
But you got to have something
Sun in sky were boiling
like water from spuds
when they’re abart done
hittin lit gas rings
Church looked like a big spike
and into spike we took our Scott

In spike were this lass
with a white band around her throat
like she’d hurt herself
Dog collar our Jimmy said
But I ain’t seen a dog wear one.

Anyroad, she spouts some fancy
Words about God and us joining summat,
all I remember is building going on for miles
and this posh sink at front
look wicked in our bathroom that.

Anyways, she pours water in sink,
says summat else and finger paints
Scott, all shartin and yellin
as if whole spike tummel darn
around us, and we’re only ones
left standing.

Atterwards at Club our Scott
chewed on his bikkie
like nowt had happened
while we had pint of Best
few shots in dark and a dance.

Jimmy, my brother said Scott

were Christian now, whatever

that means.

We set Club alight with celebration.

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