It’s how she treats people
how she feels she must be tret:


to Mike,
libido disabled by drugs;
wound up on a Saturday night in the pub by wisos dropping their keks ;

 a Ieper
by people on the bus
she sits by him
aware that he’s tempted



Old man returns to his lonely house
she wishes could go back with him, 

give him company.

Has her own family chats to him
in supermarket


than she should.

Says she’s old-fashioned.

Likes a bloke to buy her drinks.

Treat her right.

I’m used to lasses
‘I’ll buy me own thanks.’
I feel it’s better if we share the price. You’ve no money so it makes sense.’

Old-fashioned is new to me.


She’s never made love to gentle.
I called it sex
Didn’t know any better.
She’s never been tret like this before.

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