Writing Happened While…

1. Govt Scheme Horticultural Handyman, first F/T job,rarified palms bruise concrete flags, posh git labourer, grey plastic bin deer head

2. Mining Security Guard: Already dealt. See WP site. 1st 12hr night shift. Stomach upturned. Zombied. Massive moon Coal dust Fitters market

3. Post Office. Temp. Associate. Lob letter/parcel correct labelled bag, pigeon hole. All taking fag break toilets. Refused cross picket.

4. Employment Assistant/Officer. Unemployment Benefit clear plastic screen with trough divide jobless aim plastic pens via trough. Filing

5. Café Assistant. Tea/Coffee stainless steel handle tripped too far. Scalded. Crap arms too short cleaning clear glass food display. 1 week

6. . P/T Creative Writing/Literature Tutor designed/taught. Reverie. Some wanted/needed to write/read. Wordworld for all. Some succeed move on. Reverie

7. Pet Stall Assistant semi open market, Ferret Woman’s ferret Anorak collar, pig’s ears, dog chew sticks/shoes, biscuits, White Rat girl

8.Recruitment Agency Admin. Industrial Estate dust paths, checking pay, filing, Belly Buster Sarnies, gritty teeth, sweltering office

9.Bottle Factory Transport Admin. Ex Squaddie boss, Tachograph check, massive warehouses bottle packed, Swipe computer linked pallets

10. Catalogue Contact Centre Advisor: 3 bus there, 3 back. Learnt phone technique, dealing with difficult customers. Golf course chill walk

11. Customer Experience Advisor: Awkward gas meters, serial rail enquiries, seasonal water problems,
broadband difficulties, white warehouse

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