The Rules for Occupation

The rules for occupation: take the military road across the river.

The long stride over flood plain to the other side.

Divide the spoils of the valley into three wapentakes, Three bureaucracies to sort and file your differences.

Unhindered supply lines will provide the frontier: the wall between decency and those that smell.

Roads will provide fast delivery of goods and policing. It is a better surface, for occupation.

 Stories half told, half received.

 Other roads not fully travelled not the recommended destination, but bad precedent.

It will be difficult for the natives

to utter ‘Never again’.

Remember victors decide the doctrine, creed, authorised version.

Alternative histories should always be considered after the camber

of the original and, if possible, absorbed. After all, every home

should have its’ midden. A place to offload the waste of decency.

 Dearne can be allowed uncontrollability within limits decided by our history.

A river can always be drained to provide improved delivery by our convoys.

The Route is decided. No deviation,

 use the terrain with respect to our aims objectives.

Aim: Exploitation

Objective: all the areas resources,

soft and hard targets.


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