rise Coal-age forts in new grass

Grass, new arrival, begins belong, is removed.


New buildings rise
locally known as Employment.

Before grass there was grass
growing on clay, above ancient forests.
Grass for long-horned cattle provide milk, meat
to calloused hands.

Quiet Dearne flowed slowly by.

Purchased grass removed
by miners who dig their own graves leaving soil at pitside.

Their own graves built Coal-age forts.
Purchased grass turns yellow
under canvas tents,then is removed for a line of houses all the same.

Miners provide bread family.
Their own grave they dig in shifts with calloused hands.It is hell.

Hell provides for children, housekeeping, gossip, rumour stories.

Hell fills lungs, cakes faces. Hell built Coal-age forts. Hell lives behind redundant eyes.

After funeral, Hell grassed over water clouded.


Ochre, iron
spill into Dearne as Dearne flows. inoffensively, by.

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