#TheWombwellRainbow #PoeticFormsChallenge. It is weekly. Week Thirty Five form is a #Palindrome. I will post the challenge to create a first draft of a poetic form by the following late Sunday. Please email your first draft to me, including an updated short, third person bio and a short prose piece about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Except when I’m working at the supermarket I am always ready to help those that get stuck. I will blog my progress throughout the week. Hopefully it may help the stumped. Also below please find links to helpful websites.

Robert Frede Kenter


How Did It Go?

Palindrome (in music, science and poetry) is a complicated estuary of form, of sound and phonics, phonemes, mirroring. Opening up to new ways to create language relationships, abstract, pun, and for me, akin to creative/crate-digging, proposing a visual rhythmic relationship, some sort of scene. I worked from the landscape surrounding me in the forest, and drew from observation, art memories, song-form, and enfolded political origami. Was fun & challenging.

Bios and Links

Robert Frede Kenter

is a pushcart nominated writer, visual artist, editor & publisher of Ice Floe Press (www.icefloepress.net.). Work is in print/on-line or forthcoming in numerous venues incl. Olney, Anthropocene, FeversOfTheMind, Cough, talking about strawberries, watch your head, New Quarterly, Grain, scissors and spackle, etc. The visual poetry collection, EDEN, is avail privately & from Rare Swan Press (www.rareswanpress.com). Work in anthologies: The Book of Penteract (Penteract Press, 2022) and Steel Incisors forthcoming, Seeing in Tongues (2023).

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