Karen Pierce Gonzalez – Guest Feature


Patricia M Osborne

Patricia’s Pen is delighted to welcome poet, Karen Pierce Gonzalez as she celebrates the launch of her poetry pamphlet Coyote in the Basket of My Ribs published by Kelsay Books.

Coyote In the Basket of My Ribs

Karen Pierce Gonzalez

Coyote in the Basket of My Ribs was inspired by a long-held kinship I have with Coyote. Not the trickster most people think of, but the mythic messenger who travels between life and death with seamless ease. Little did I know that, as the collection came together, she would guide by example as I unearthed again regions of my own very difficult life/death terrain.

The loss of my sister Fortunee when we were children was one of those canyons. Her death, unfortunately, occurred in a car accident as she and my mother were driving to the store to get something for me. The many facets of this loss have…

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