Poetry Showcase: Jennifer Patino (May 2023)

Fevers of the Mind

Bio: Jennifer Patino is a poet who lives for books and film. She has had work featured in Door is A Jar, Punk Noir Magazine, A Cornered Gurl, The Chamber Magazine, Fevers of the Mind, Free Verse Revolution Lit, Windy Knoll Zine, and elsewhere. She lives in Traverse City, Michigan with her husband. Visit her blog at www.thistlethoughts.com.

Heather Donahue in Voice-Over Sharpening nails for the final girl battle, scream queens give stank eye. Pick apart Heather’s flannel and question her sexuality. They want to borrow her lip shade because it’s autumnal. Want to know what happened when the cameras were off. Want to know if they can mimic her screams. No one offers Heather a tissue or a bloody shoulder. No one checks her for ticks. They just want the boys’ juicy secrets. Cool girl Heather. A woodland princess. Scotch mouthwash and a last phone call home. Curious…

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