Sarah Connor – Guest Feature

Patricia M Osborne

Patricia’s Pen is delighted to welcome poet, Sarah Connor as she celebrates the launch of her pamphlet The CrowGods published bySidhe Press. Without further ado, it’s over to Sarah.

The Crow Gods

Sarah Connor

When I was planning how to arrange the poems in my chapbook, The Crow Gods, my editor – Annick Meyer from Sidhe Press – pointed out that the vast majority of them were markedly seasonal. I hadn’t really thought about that before, but once she’d said it, it made absolute sense. We played around with a few options, but in the end, that’s how we arranged them, as a seasonal cycle, pinned in place by the Celtic cross-quarter festivals – Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain. These are points in the year that have significance for me, that, yes, make sense as markers in the annual cycle. I don’t actively celebrate…

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