Swedish Poetry

The High Window



I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Rober Gard for his conscientious labours in single-handedly translating every poem included in this Swedish poetry supplement, all the more so as I have been trying for several years now to find translators from any of the Scandinavian languages. Robert has also supplied a pdf of all the originals, which you will find here: Dikter på Svenska


Edith Södergran: Eight Poems

Edith Södergran


I am no woman. I am neuter.
I am a child, a page and a bold decision,
I am a laughing ray of scarlet sun …
I am a net for all voracious fish,
I am a vessel for all women’s honour,
I am a step toward chance and ruin,
I am a leap into freedom and the self …
I am blood’s whispering in man’s ear,
I am a fever of the soul, the flesh’s…

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