Anthony Howell: As if it were a Bow

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Anthony Howell is, in Peter Reading’s words, “an eclectic original”, a poet, artist and novelist whose first collection of poems Inside the Castle was brought out in 1969. In the tradition of Robert Browning and Andre Gide, he often explores ‘immoralism’ in his writings via personae. From Inside, published by the High Window Press in 2017 contains poems relating to prisons and poems of political satire. A former member of the Royal Ballet, his novel In the Company of Others was published by Marion Boyars in 1986. Today, he dances the tango. His most recent book of poetry is Invention of Reality, published by the High Window in 2022.


As if it were a Bow: Poems and Pictures from Thailand

The following  poems were written in Thailand in the early months of 2023. Their author is excited to find himself in South East Asia – beyond the pale…

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