Mark #WorldDonkeyday . I will feature your published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about donkeys. Please include a short third person bio.

Trewassick – Pet Blessing

There we were
in the garden noticing
told to take time
instructed to listen
with a few moments
utter silence
until the far donkey
commented in his comedic way
voice like none other, squeak and bray.

With wind whispering
through the oakleaves
and middle of September sun
caressing our backs
indulgent joy came
stealing in, spilling
down in little thuds
with countless acorns

and we all drank
a long draft with our ears
finding new words for
that rustling of oak clusters.
Birds joined the symphony,
delicate counterpoint
and canon between friends
in celebration of berry-fullness.

Watching sunbeams cut through
cobwebs strung between plants
sleep would have followed
on that hypnotic west wind
but for another donkey
having his say,
voice like none other
triumphant squeak and bray.

Jane Newberry

Peter Donnelly

Bios and Links

Jane Newberry

spent over twenty years sharing music and rhyme with parents and toddlers, while bringing up her four children. Passionate about music education, she has published two songbooks, A Sackful of Songs and A Sackful of Christmas (Cramer Music). Jane lives in Cornwall, where she works with children and parents at RhymeTime sessions in her local community library. Big Green Crocodile (Otter-Barry Books) was shortlisted for the CLIPPA award 2021 and in May 2022 Jane published grown-up poetry – Hoyden’s Trove, (Wheelsong Press). The sequel to Big Green Crocodile – “Big Red Dragon” will fly in August 2024.


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