Two Eco-Poems with Spoken Word by JP Seabright. Art by Moira J. Saucer

IceFloe Press


Cry me a river.
Cry me an airlock.
Cry me dried moss and withered tree roots.
Cry me blue plankton, brown fungi, green grass.
Real grass, green grass.

Cry me an ocean.
Cry me the sound of running water.
The drip drip drip of raindrops on leaves.
Of water swelling stems and branches.
The rushing sound of the sea in my ears.

Cry me chlorophyll and photosynthesis.
Cry me carbon-based lifeforms and morphogenesis.
Cry me lungs on fire, the Amazon rainforest.
Salt lakes and volcanic springs.

Cry me cracking icebergs, glacial degradation.
Coastal erosion, the splintering of seasons.
Cry me the flight of the humble bee.
The starling’s migratory path.
The wandering albatross soaring over the sea.

Cry me an oxygen tent.
Cry me a blazing sunset.
Cry me the silver sliver of dawn on the horizon.
Cry me genetically modified…

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