National poetry month day 29

Jane Dougherty Writes

Penultimate day of Paul Brookes’ ekphrastic challenge. You can read all the poems and see the art that inspired them on Paul’s blog here.


Some see in a curling wave a challenge,
a beast to be bridled and broken,
shivered excitement, trembling, every cell
submerging the small quiet murmurs of awe.

Some trawl with avid eyes landscapes
for photogenia to capture and frame,
glossing over water’s mirror-surface,
ignorant of the glinting beauties below.

Stars hang unnoticed, dimmer than neon glare,
galaxies Hubble-coloured,
are netted in Webb-capture, dazzling,
enhanced for our jaded palates.

I wonder, does the dunnock admire
a work of beauty, a creation,
a piece of turquoise sunset sky, or hear only
the beating core where a child lies curled?

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