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John Doyle is originally from County Kildare in Ireland, now based in Dublin. He works as a magazine reporter, and has had eight collections of poetry released since 2017. He hopes to have his first novel released this year. His favorite word is “fink”, and his favorite phrase is “we’ll head them off at the creek, you saddle up some fresh horses”.

Working People Go Home Every Evening in Belfast

I am like a drop of water on a rock…Rigoberta Menchú Belfast’s middle-classes control a section of highway that remains steadfastly neutral, football stadium roofs remain isolated from words, thoughts, sinful deeds that may send us a time-capsule we formed a human-chain to keep buried - in perpetuity. Working-classes check messages on mobile phones, on railway lines clicking their purpose into jigsaw-pieces of city-scape mountain-side used to keep under lock and key, messages that tell them illness has…

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