Day~28 ~In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes~ Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge ~2023


Inspired by Artworks of Aaron Bowker Beth Brooks Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
and Sara Fatima Mir

sky high tree,folklore
Hungarian, sacred green
symbolic of faith

when sweet fragrance engulfs
the spirit then lament not, nor
pity thyself nor cry, for
love is a precious gage
before I cease to be I called you
a flower a tender rose petal
and now I must learn the laws
of the garden’, accept the nettle
so I leave between two stones-
some love-
some effulgent fragrance with
perpetual radiance ,remember,
peace is- only with complacence

branches brown bough low
leaves in grief transformed to blood
Trees miss people too

’tis true the world moves round
no wonder it seems upside down
is the sky the roof or the ground?
is it day or night? snow or stars
in sky ,below or far up high?
are these roots or bare branches?
or the mane of…

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