Day~27 ~In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes~ Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge ~2023


Inspired by Artworks of Aaron Bowker Beth Brooks Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
and Sara Fatima Mir

sea is a graveyard- a life giving home-alive foaming
furious, in fathoms holding,creatures frightening,vomiting
faceless swimmers-underworld seven seas undiscovered
scaffolding stones, ships wrecked ,bodies lost, treasures sunk-
is this in awe-a premonition of the great beast ?

O’ what a piece of twisted metal is man
fallen, remorseful unforgiving unkind-
proud in body soul and cutting mind
begging for more in this state, stale-
a beggar naked, once a king!
Racing four in gilded chariot, flung on
hilltop on all fours-no Restoration can restore
await the fatal fate -shorn of flesh , a charred thing!

O’ High riser builders
what do you take the earth to be-
an ever revolving evolving ball
balanced by mountain ranges,
constantly hit by climate changes-
I wonder how long –
these columns will survive
one strong tremor, debris-difficult

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