Day~22 ~In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes~ Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge ~2023


Inspired by Artworks of Aaron Bowker Beth Brooks Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
and Sara Fatima Mir

O Glossy plummaged black bird
Of family Corvidae and genus Corvus
what message brings you here? is there a
cause for fear,or warning or change drastic in climate?
Or is it to boast brag or vaunt? But why art thou so quiet-
I do long to hear your raucus voice, and perhaps wish to
keep you as a pet-that I may be guided by your powerful foresight-but the Lord made you for a purpose-in flight
Hark your group signals murder-
If I am right-the first one had you in sight-
By nightfall you retire-but please tell me, why
do you like to sit, on the high voltage electric wire.

strange moments when life feels
still, at rest-four wheels still,
stopped for an unknown time-while the one who
moves them, passes time, taking time, in time-

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