Day 16 ~ In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes~Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge 2023


Inspired by Artworks of Aaron Bowker Beth Brooks Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad and Sara fatima Mir

Friends are like flowers,
cool and comforting in loneliness
in sadness
in fears
they come close
to support and catch our tears

Are you one of the Caledonian crows?
The elite group of species, who
can use twigs to fish insects-
out of holes and crevices, whittle branches into hooks,
tear leaves into barbed probes, are innovative problem solvers,
blithely elegant,in pure dark robes?
‘Tis worthwhile that research has led
to the discovery of problem solvers pool,
a mixture of brown, grey and black,
if humans and animals have failed,
lets call the corvid crows, to use
the tools, to make peace instead.

O Glorious Circle ,illumined, unending serving eternally the unseen and life in all forms manifestliving in a golden palace in the River Okeano
till a fixed time
Nothing survives without youYou…

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