Day 15 ~ In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes ~Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge 2023


O Graceful Bird, who caused you this harm?
Beware ! Lurking low in branches, high in cloudy corners
enemy’s machines, mortars are set,
to cut your flight, caught thee unawares.
O Graceful Bird, ignore not the Winged Sun’s warning
in the air are dangerous things-
you may feel  lighter but life is not light-
Nor be ambitious like Icarus and lose all.

I wandered lonely, then sat down
pondered over the vast blue crown
how its beauty shades all, black or brown
smilingly thunder it bears-without a frown
Never questions but has faith, grass will grow
green and slow and be mown-now I know
And so must I, be patient be grateful , in time
return thankfully to my home town.

Forests resist fire
Hark! Chimera passes by
Faith makes them flowers.

Over The Tea Pot
They came to see the girl , they had to choose, and then she…

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