Day 15, Ekphrastic Challenge

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings

Inspired by BB15, OVP15, AB15

While Walking

While walking cross the dales and hills
I met a man, a giant in repose,
seated, chaired by sparkling rill.

He sat in silence, then spoke into the air
as if I could be anyone
or perhaps as if I wasn’t there.

But then he looked into my eyes
and told me of a massive bird
charcoal-hued who flew through fired skies

that raged in orange, vermillion,
as bleached tree stalks like rooted ghosts
admonished in the shadowed black.

He stopped his tale, and that was that
not another word he said,
and so, I left him where he sat

to travel on, left wondering.

For Day 15 of Paul Brookes’ Poetry Month Ekphrastic Challenge. We’re half-way through the challenge! You can see the images and read the poems here.

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