Now Available: ‘Collected Poems’ by David Cooke

The High Window

Collected poems front cover correct

This month, as I approach my 70th birthday, my Collected Poems has just been published by Littoral Press. Containing work written in the course of half a century, Collected Poems brings together in one convenient volume, poems published previously in nine widely reviewed and well received earlier collections:

‘Cooke has an innate poetic ability to stud the everyday, the unpretentious, with telling little details, perfectly nuanced turns of phrase, that vouchsafe the collection’s ability to linger in the reader’s mind.’ Neil Fulwood, London Grip

‘There is a fine sensuousness in the language.’  Catriona O’Reilly,  Poetry Salzburg Review

‘Cooke is canny at keeping his language smart and direct, and the pacing of the poems fluid and unfaltering.’ Neil Young, The Interpreter’s House.

 ‘… laced through with heart and humanity …’  Wendy Klein, The North

 ‘David Cooke is a fine poet. Out of diverse cultures and histories he…

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