National poetry month day 12

Jane Dougherty Writes

You can see all the artwork and read the poems they inspired on Paul Brookes’ blog here.


Dreaming of Samarkand and the play of fountains
in the cool of courtyards, cloistered and cloisonné,
dark fronds that filter light through cage bars,
where jewel-birds flit plumed in enamel work.

Treading the sumptuous luxury of satins
damasked and silk, watered cool as fountains
playing in discrete courtyards, columned and
high-walled, clay baked inferno-red.

Dreams gallop silver-bridled, hot breath blowing
in shadowless heat, drier than desert winds,
and horse ears prick, hearing behind the call
of exotic jewel-birds, the bright tinkle of water

playing in fountains, cloistered in courtyards
column-caged and cool as mountain snows
in the baked clay of summer in Samarkand.

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