DAY -9 ~In Response to Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge 2023 ~ By Mr Paul Brookes


Inspired By All Three Images




Who’s there ? Who in silence distresses, the participatory mind
chambers of echoes,recesses of wisdom, merging memory dreams and visions-
April is a creative month , raising shoots from dull roots, revealing magnificence
in solid stony niches
Come, come, come, in the shadows of the blue rock and the blue leaf tree-

Climate surprises us more, with scattered thunderstorms, flash floods,
terrifying tremors-

As a child, I recall tarrying, fascinated, spellbound,before a similar niche in my
alma mater-the bell tolled-time, time,time- return-
to learning-patience acceptance obedience-keys of good life-

All truth revealed in caves
All enlightenment unfolded under the tree
And I still seek, forbidden birthplace?
And I ask, O’Memory how much do you hold?
How much do you hide?

The peacock cries in the early hours
The cries frighten me
I wait for answers, I pray, pray, pray-
All are praying…

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