8th Day of Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge 2023 ~By Mr Paul Brookes-


Inspired by Artworks by
Aaron Bowker, Beth Brooke, Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad,Sara Fatima Mir,


Is this the hat that Sherlock Holmes wore
That helped him to equal the score

That kept his identity secret and safe
from lurking criminals in London street

That kept him warm on the Moors
while he followed the Baskerville Hound

That helped him seek the Speckled Band
and kill it before, on the victim, it could land

Of course this hat looks familiar, who would
better know than one,none other than Dr Watson

And so it is that we know the owner by its shape
And are now off to look for the matching cape.

BB 8

signs on sunkissed roofs
in darkness appear neon
electric light house

OVP -8

Golden leaves trembling

With the tremors,

Shivering with laughter

What do they see?

That makes them murmur

Sweet rustlings,tender whisperings

Like the twittering

And theā€¦

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