Book Reviews by Spriha Kant: “Turbulent Waves” by Verde Mar

Fevers of the Mind

The poetries in this book are beautiful enough to mesmerize readers the way a scuba diver becomes mesmerized on seeing the pearly seashells, ancient treasures, ancient sculptors, and ancient sunken cities. The pearls in the seashells, the sparkling radiance of the ancient treasures, the intricately chipped designs on the sculptors, and the fractions of the magnificent buildings in the ancient sunken cities all resemble the similes, metaphors, and personifications carved beautifully by the poet. These carvings, however, are accompanied by different tones including joyously romantic, faded proximity, searing love, budding love, stimulus, and so on….
Pointing out a few carvings from a few poetries below: 

“Time has dimmed our tide yet your touch remains like stars breaching my sky gorgeous and empyreal.” “We made our own road caravanserai’ing us days wondered in joy each dance rewrote what was real wrapping poetry in us.” “She lures away our control coveting passion’s…

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