Magic 9

Jane Dougherty Writes

I missed the chosen form last week, so I’ve caught up this evening. It’s a Magic 9, and you can read the other examples on Paul’s blog here.

I had intended to give each line nine syllables, but this attempt asked for ten, so I didn’t argue. I’ll try this form again using nine syllables to make it a square poem.

A momentary memory

I ask, do you recall the day, the hour,
when we stood on this edge and watched the moon
rising through the clouds, burst like a flower,
white-petaled rose, a waterlily floating
on some oriental pool? A shower,
shooting stars fell soft and bright as feathers,
you wished, for what you never said, but our
hands and hearts have always held to this strewn-
blossomed path, in sun and dark clouds’ glower.

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