Giovanni Giudici: Six Poems Translated by Lisa Mullenneaux

The High Window

giudici poet pic


The Poet

In his poetry, Giovanni Giudici (1924-2011) often drew on his Catholic education and his Marxist affiliations to ask questions about the challenges of living an honest life. Besides his poems and essays, Giudici was known for translations of Pound, Coleridge, Frost, Pushkin, and Plath. The poet’s acute attention to sound, especially in internal and end rhymes, means his lines can best be appreciated by reading them aloud.


The Translator

Among modern Italian poets, Lisa Mullenneaux has translated Anna Maria Carpi, Maria Attanasio, Alfonso Gatto, and Patrizia Cavalli, and reviews books in translation for the Harvard Review and World Literature Today. She is the author of the critical study Naples’ Little Women: The Fiction of Elena Ferrante and has taught research writing for the University of Maryland’s Global Campus since 2015. More at


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