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The High Window



Donald Gardner: New and Selected Poems 1966 – 2020Christopher Jackson:An Equal Light  David Kinloch: Greengown, New and Selected Poems  Oisín Breen: Lilies on the Deathbed of Étain and Other Poems

New and Selected Poems 1966 – 2020 by Donald Gardner.  £22.92. London: Grey Suit Editions. ISBN: 978-1903006252. Reviewed by Derek Coyle

don gard

The cosmopolitan character of Donald Gardner’s verse was there from the start, a cosmopolitanism of location as well as of mind. The book opens with Mexico City, where we find the speaker a stranger in a strange place. As a white male he feels the need to apologize for Vietnam, ‘but not pay more than five pesos,’ noting ‘starving tenements’,

But taking a sudden corner
I give the driver all my change
and am not longer English or American.
I am the rain that beats my…

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