Since You Agreed to Just Quietly Listen – Short Prose by Jim Meirose

IceFloe Press

Since You Agreed to Just QuietlyListen

But why, Father?

Because you will learn much from this, son. If you just quietly listen.

Here; ‘s’ been twin ban-thwackies parlifixturicating o’er ‘his sunny day.


<sigh (westchnienie!)>

—okay, go along—

Patch; Imagine what?

Paulette; Knots.

Null. Null.

Nasty-splat? You bet, ya-yep. Null. Not me.

Hoot! Mui-Papa!

—dear God, please; why did we ever—


Wow. Where?

M-member? Pennsylvania!

Patch; B.

Picked-down honzonkafruit.

Paulette; Backtacratidenza!

Sonboy; li simple fiksrigardas.

Ha ha ha ha! Hah!

Eyebop patiquela sollyonne-slow.


Splecklinda-tacular Joints.


Gob! Cheeesh! Like Miss Bovine’s cud.

‘tis, yes.

Chew; The trap.

Chew; The ceiling.

Chew; The cabin.

Get it now, ole’ Gagg?

Paulette; Form what, great Father? (as they’d been scripted to exclaim at these junctures of such talks)

Patch; Stars.



Et-plantenettes too.

Yas! All rise, all point! Hats off, gentlemen!

Uh. What?

Mood, Moderator; this; force. Y’ a…

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