Neal Mason: Sonia’s Philosophical Positions

The High Window

female philosopher



Attracted to a particular type – somehow familiar,
yet strangely dissimilar – I seek
a certain satisfaction one-night-standers
tend to dislike, not only oral, anal or vaginal,
but also intellectual, anything less not priapic
but droopy, my needs insatiable, for I’m
the philosophers’ passionate groupie.

Democritus made me laugh. Atomic theory?
At that, I nearly split
my sides, but then he explained the stars.
In no way daft, he shone, sublime. He studied biology,
including mine, and maths, and I was his disciple in our private
college, even to wanting his child,
whether bastard or legitimate knowledge.

I readily agreed to a threesome, only surprised
by those it comprised: Plato
and Socrates stimulate – or should I ignore
a sense-object’s frisson? Reality’s eternal, not change-led,
hopping, as I do, from bed to bed, carnal knowledge
just porn. But Platonic love left an empty
orifice, an unfulfilled…

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