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The High Window



Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana: Sing me down from the dark • Penny Sharman:Catching the Heather Robin Thomas: The Weather on the Moon


Penny Sharman and Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana
Reviewed Carla Scarano D’Antonio

Sharman   Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana Catching the Heather by Penny Sharman. £10.  Cerasus Poetry. ISBN 97984436600042. Also available to purchase from the author at

Artistic photography and poetry coalesce in Penny Sharman’s collection. The ephemerality of the heather covering that ground that she catches at certain moments of the year when it stretches its ‘hues across Tame valley’ communicates a sense of resilience and confidence in the power of nature despite the fact that ‘human feet/plunder’ the land. The pictures illustrate the poems in a subtle way, sometimes more directly, at other times adding layers to what is voiced in words. The observation of nature and the presence of birds, flowers and trees are paramount and…

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