Guest Feature – Flashback 3

Patricia M Osborne

Back in November I invited you to recap or visit guest features up to end of July 2022. Now Patricia’s Pen is back with more flashbacks, this time to the end of the year. Please re-visit the blogs or read for the first time.

Guest Features – Flashback 3

Kicking Flashback 3 off for August2022 was Lucy Heuschen with the launch of We Wear The Crown. Through poetry Lucy shares her breast cancer journey with the reader. This collection is a must read.

Read Lucy Heuschen’s blog here

Next up for August was Damien B Donnelly blogging about his Parisian experience in his brand new collection Enough! Don’t miss a second chance to have a read.

Read Damien B Donnelly’s blog here

September2022 opened with Kate Rose and her new release Brushstrokes. Kate takes her inspiration from her surroundings. Nature, both the natural world and human nature…

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