NationalGriefAwarenessWeek Day Five. Please join Daniel O’Grady, Fidel Hogan Walsh and I in marking this week every day. I will feature your draft published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about grief. Please include a short third person bio.


I think of you more when I’m tired
When my day hasn’t gone quite to plan
When I just want to talk of my problems
With the greatest example of man

I search for your smile in the sunlight
But the weak autumn sun makes it tough
Cold days make it hard to get started
And fond memories just aren’t enough

I search for your voice in the wind rush
Some meaningful truth to impart
But the fact is it’s not quite that simple
So I search for your voice in my heart

Well, my point is I hope you can hear me
my point is I want you to know
That I’m living on now for your memory
So your pride in my life always grows

-Daniel O’Grady

-Fidel Hogan Walsh

Bios and Links

-Daniel O’Grady

is a Plant Manager at a Chemical Manufacturing site who enjoys writing about whatever comes to mind each day, capturing his thoughts for future reference.

He draws his inspiration from the semi rural environment he lives and works in, the woodland he wanders through and the lanes where he enjoys running and cycling.

He also enjoys photography where he tries to share the beauty of the world as he sees it. His ambition is to write a fictional story based on his path through grief, maybe retirement will allow more time, maybe it won’t.

-Fidel Hogan Walsh

Fidel has written and performed her poetry to a wide audience.
Her work has appeared in Poethead, Pendanic, UCD Archives,
Poetry Ireland – Poetry Town Pocket Poems booklet, The Irish
Times, The Storms Journal and on The Eat the Storms podcast
numerous times. Fidel has three short stories and two poems in
Thrice Remembered – An Anthology of Cavan Writings 2022.
Fidel’s first collection of poems ‘Living with Love’
launched in 2020.

Her second collection of poetry in collaboration with
photographer, Julie Corcoran, launched Culture Night 2020.
Time‘ is the fruit of a lockdown project undertaken between March and June 2020.
The fifteen poems and sixteen images reflect on the human condition
during unprecedented times.

Time’ was named in the top 10 non-fiction of 2020 by Dublin City Libraries.
Fidel collaborates from time to time with other artists

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