NationalGriefAwarenessWeek Day Three. Please join Daniel O’Grady an I in marking this week every day. I will feature your draft published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about grief. Please include a short third person bio.

Aching with longing

I ache and ache and ache to hold onto my Dad’s little finger. Feel my small hand grasp onto what then filled my grip as we walked along an autumn lane. Forty plus years passed since that afternoon and I only now remember it with this longing to return. All my teen and adult years, I had no need to miss it. He still held my hand with advice or just an ear for me to fill with hopes and future plans. But now those links are lost. Grief has scarred me deeply, changed my approach to the world, crippled my confidence and hunted me though my dreams. I was Pat’s son. My kind, gentle, socially conscious Dad was undefeated heavy weight champion of my world.

-Daniel O’Grady

Bios and Links

-Daniel O’Grady

is a Plant Manager at a Chemical Manufacturing site who enjoys writing about whatever comes to mind each day, capturing his thoughts for future reference.
He draws his inspiration from the semi rural environment he lives and works in, the woodland he wanders through and the lanes where he enjoys running and cycling.
He also enjoys photography where he tries to share the beauty of the world as he sees it. His ambition is to write a fictional story based on his path through grief, maybe retirement will allow more time, maybe it won’t.

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