Pride and Honour
Wear your badge
Wear it with pride
Pride is passion
Pride should not divide
Divide the people
Divide the world by fear
Fear drives us all
Fear keeps them in power
Power is darkness
Power in the hands of liars and criminals
Criminals and murderers hiding in plain sight
Criminals with a smiling mask
Mask their actions with a
Mask of Godliness
Godliness counts for nothing when
Godliness makes lives worse
Worse in body
Worse in spirit
Spirit can and will be crushed
Spirit that could shine a light
Light on your smashed door
Light that blinds your eyes
Eyes covered while other
Eyes watch you through darkened dystopian windows
Windows are absent where you are taken
Windows would let you see
See into your inner being
See the pumping of your blood
Blood of your land
Blood of your sex
Sex is wicked
Sex is your shame
Shame is the bedrock of our being
Shame bears down on your body like a stone
Stone measures the depth of their hate
Stone them all
All who fail to follow
All who do not comply
Comply now
Now is the time to act
Now or never
Never is a very long time
Never to see your family again
Again we watch and hope that
Again the world will show honour
Honour your courage
Honour will bring respect

How Did It Go?

I think this works like a stream of consciousness – I did edit it a bit but I didn’t think it was worth putting more effort in than that. Not my style of poem.

-Tim Fellows

#TheWombwellRainbow #TheBlitz was last week’s chosen form.

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