“Created Responses To This Day” Adesiyan Oluwapelumi responds to one of my This Day images. I would love to feature your responses too.


today, the cloud wears the shades of gloom
and upon the earthers it rains the precipitates of sorrow.

outside, the sun is a melting silver lining
and there are no rainbows here, just ash.

in the hues of seasons, I have never known a darker day
for my heart is a lightbulb lapped by the wicked tongue of a moth
and my scars are scorched metaphors of a burnt firmament.

in the clouds, a lightbug dances,
little does it knows it is a silhouette in this orb of darkness.

this poem is a grayscale of the colors of joy swallowed by the dark moon
and here there is no better ending than a night.

today, the moon is a sundry wizard and my mind
is its coven of enchantment.

Bio And Links

-Adesiyan Oluwapelumi, TPC XI,

writes from Ibadan, Nigeria. He received an Honourable Mention in the international Metamorphosis Writing Contest. He was also shortlisted in the August-September 2022 edition of the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest. His works are featured/ forthcoming in Brittle Paper, Afristories, Kahalari review, Eunoia Review, Snowflake Magazine, Salamander Ink, Lumiere Review, Culture Cult Press, Icefloe Press & elsewhere. He is currently a Poetry Reader at Kitchen Table Quarterly.

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