Recent Reading January 2022

Elliptical Movements

Be Feared, Jane Burn, Nine Arches Press, 2021, ISBN: 978-1-913437-27-5, £9.99

The Pleasures of Peace, Paul Rossiter, Isobar Press, 2021, ISBN 978-4-907359-34-8, £14.61

Infinite Cilia, David Greenslade and John Welson, 2020, ISBN13 9798669045395, NP

Ubiquitext, David Greenslade, Stephen the Great University Editions, Romania, April 2021, NP

City of Opal Altars, David Greenslade, Muşatinii Press (also Romania), 2021

The poems in Jane Burn’s Be Feared are typically richly textured bundles of language, somewhat reminiscent of Dylan Thomas, and serving to enact a kind of sensory overload, the taking in of more reality than the brain can easily contain:

See how this bird knocks her cheek against a cupboard door

and bat, bat, bat! comes a sound of wood bumping against flesh.

The smell of varnish, bitter. The nurture of wood, divine.

Elbow-flicker, elbow-flack, great misguided flight. The air

is a flabbergast of space, a fatigue…

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