In the kitchen with my pinny on – Volunteering at Darfield Museum with Ian McMillan

Barnsley Museums Blogsite

Ken and Ian stood in the museum, they are holding objectys and photos behind them is the shop

Once a month, on the second Saturday (unless there are five Saturdays in the months, but that’s a different story) my wife and I volunteer in the café at Darfield Museum. I get my clean pinny out and put it in a bag; I make sure my phone is charged up because I’ll be taking photographs of the cakes and tweeting them to let the world know that we’re here, and I’ll make sure I’ve got some cash in my wallet because we don’t take cards. Not yet, anyway,

The volunteering begins for my wife the night before because that’s when she makes the delicious cake we’ll be selling the next day. Other volunteers bake cake and, of course, if you didn’t want to work in the café you’d be very welcome to bake us a cake/some buns/ a few scones/ a fruit loaf. The cake is baked and it…

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