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The Great Fogginzo's Cobweb

Gosh…Sunday come around again already. I can’t keep up. It’s been another busy poetry week.No wonder it went so fast. Albert Poets workshop at The Sportsman’s in Huddersfield. I love those Monday nights, getting feedback on draft poems from people who are on top of the game. I’ve never gone without coming home with an improved piece of work. And there are always surprises, poems that stick in the mind after one hearing. Not surprising, with writers of the quality of Julia Deakin, Carola Luther, John Duffy and Steph Bowgett as regulars. It’s everything a workshop should be…democratic, critical, supportive, and warm. I just needed to write that. I owe a huge debt to groups like these.Wednesday I went to read at The Purple Room…a performance event run by cellist/musician Keely Hodgson at the Wheatley Arms in Ben Rhydding. As it turned out, I was a day early. I asked…

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