Folktober, Day 26

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings

Inspired by 1.26 Ollipheist and F2.26 Boto Encanto

Water Creatures
The sea serpent swallowed the girl
who angered the salmon of knowledge,
the salmon, seemingly less than full of wisdom
and the serpent a monster with little brain.
He ate the piper, who went on
playing—till the Oilliphéist spit him out
perhaps even monsters cannot silence a piper.

The river holds secrets,
not all is what it seems
a handsome man may drink and flirt,
but he will not take off his hat.
The women he seduces, left brooding,
expecting more—
as he tosses his hat, takes his dolphin form,
dives back into the river.

For Paul Brookes’ Folktober Challenge. You can see the images and read the responses here.

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