Estill Pollock: Mason-Dixon

The High Window

Slave auction 1859_posterSlave auction, 1859 2


Estill Pollock‘s first pamphlet selection of poems, Metaphysical Graffiti, was published in England. This was followed by a principal collection, Constructing the Human (Poetry Salzburg), which was later developed into the book cycle, Blackwater Quartet. Between 2005-11, in collaboration with Cinnamon Press in Wales, he published a second major book cycle, Relic Environments Trilogy. His latest collection, Entropy is published by Broadstone Books (2021) in the United States. A native of Kentucky, he has lived in England for forty years. ‘Mason-Dixon’ will be included in Estill’s forthcoming collection, Ark, which is due out later this year.


Other examples of Estill Pollock’s longer poems will be found among  The High Window‘s  supplementary posts:

January 23, 2022  and  July 26, 2022



Hertford County, North Carolina

Three hundred dollars on the block, the girl
Just fourteen, pretty, set to her chores—the Master’s…

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