Folktober challenge day 22

Jane Dougherty Writes

Another wicked female poem for Paul Brookes’ challenge. You can read all the poem and see the images that inspired them on Paul’s blog.

Dark nights

Such wild nights in the days
when woman was the root of all evil,
a vessel overflowing with sin.

She would come in the night, the succubus,
a lascivious spirit but oh so real,
to seduce an innocent sleeper.
Feeding on his maleness,

she would steal his seed, the demon,
reduce him to a weeping penitent,
enfolded in the merciful arms of the Church,
to receive comfort and release from his torment.

Meanwhile, in the next room,
what of the incubus at work, seducing a woman,
a girl, holding her trapped in her sleeping bed
and filling her with devil seed and a witch baby?

There would be no pity for the seduced this time,
nor the offspring, because the incubus
was a…

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