A Book Review of Silence from the Shadows by Stuart Matthews (review from Spriha Kant)

Fevers of the Mind

Book Review by Spriha Kant

“Silence from the Shadows” is a collection of beautiful short poetries fastened with easy words. The poet beautifully portrays how a person’s poetry dances to the feelings of the deep love that he/she has for his/her beloved as can be felt in two of his poetries, ‘Poetry Book’ and ‘Let Poetry Resonate’. The poet also encourages the youngsters for weaving their feelings into poetries by stating the greatness of poetries in the last stanza of the poem “Embrace The Power Of Words”: “Death by poetry Yet life through words” In some poetries, the poet beautifully described the different phases including sunrise, sunset, night, and evening as well as their transition to their succeeding phase using metaphors and personification of the celestial bodies that can be read in a few words quoted from his poetry, “Setting Sun” below: “The setting sun Accepts her time is done”…

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