Review of ‘I call upon the witches’ by Chloe Hanks

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

Though this blog has only scratched the surface of the rich seam of poetic talent writing today, I hope it has helped promote some new writers that are worthy of readers’ attention.  We have much to thank the editors of small poetry presses for. They work tirelessly and often with little reward to discover and promote such poets’ work. In a significant number of cases, these poets’ development has also been supported by Higher Education institutions, which have a proud record of helping both novice and more experienced writers to hone their skills. A number of poets I have already reviewed openly acknowledge the beneficial impact of university creative writing courses. Add to that list, Chloe Hanks, author of the pamphlet,I Call Upon the Witches(Sunday Mornings at the River, 2022).

The title with its reference to witches might suggest that this is a collection that…

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