Drop in by Chloe Hanks

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

This week it’s my pleasure to welcome Chloe Hanks. When her unusual collection, I call upon the witches (Sunday Mornings at the River, 2022) arrived on my desk I immediately wanted to review it! I’m fascinated to hear what she has to say.

For my drop in, I will be discussing the poem The Four Witches. It is written in response to the engraving of the same name by Albrecht Durer.

My previous publication, May We All Be Artefacts, evolved through the practice of ekphrasis: writing in response to artwork. It is a technique I find especially innovative. I love the idea of intertextuality blending through different art forms as a dialogue or discourse between creatives. But more so, it is also an intertextual link between time periods and concepts/discussions. Using ekphrasis in I Call Upon theWitches helped me to build the links between how the Witch was being…

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