Meet The Poet: Robin McNamara


Two Blackbirds on a Hill

During the walk on a frosted morning,

When my breath vapoured out coldness,

And fingers became numb to the touch,

There was two blackbirds on a hill-

Poised upon a rickety farmer`s fence,

In dignified stillness.

The blackbirds plucked thebriars

and brambles,pregnant with blackberries.

It mattered not to me,the myth nor

The foretelling of their presence, as

Long shadows traced thetelling of an

Impending arrival of a late guest.

Dusk readied as I walkedtowards

The two blackbirds on a hill.

As this is only the second of these guest posts , here`s a quick introduction to the format. We start off the guest posts with a poem and five questions to introduce the poet. Then the poet, in this case Robin, can either present themselves or send me the poems with the answered questions. There will be three poems in each guest post, the idea…

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